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Scope: All Project Types


Returns the project directory for a given eclipse project. Since ant4eclipse supports the usage of linked projects, it is necessary in some case to resolve the 'real' path of a project.


The getProjectDirectory task provides the following arguments:

Argument Description Required
workspaceDirectory Absolute path of the workspace directory Either 'workspaceDirectory' or 'workspaceId' has to be specified
workspaceId The identifier of a defined workspace (see <workspaceDefinition>) Either 'workspaceDirectory' or 'workspaceId' has to be specified
projectName Name of the eclipse project yes
property The name of the property that will hold the resolved path either 'pathId' or 'property' has to be specified
pathId The reference id for the path that will be created either 'pathId' or 'property' has to be specified
pathSeparator The system-dependent path-separator character. This character is used to separate filenames in a sequence of files. no (default: On UNIX systems, this character is ':'; on Microsoft Windows systems it is ';')
dirSeparator The system-dependent default name-separator character. no (default: On UNIX systems the value of this field is '/'; on Microsoft Windows systems it is '\')
relative Determines whether the result path should be resolved relative to the given workspace or absolute no (default: false)

Example usage

The following example resolves the absolute path of the the project with the name '':

<ant4eclipse:getProjectDirectory workspacedirectory="${workspace}"
	                         property="test" />