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Scope: All Project Types


The workspaceDefinition type allows you define a workspace with a custom workspace layout. In eclipse a workspace always has a flat layout (Workspace -> Projects), but many users store there eclipse projects in a hierarchical way within the source code repository. Ant4eclipse directly supports the usage of custom workspace layouts through this datatype.

Many thanks to Mark Riley for submitting the initial patch!


The workspaceDefinition datatype provides the following arguments:

Argument Description Required
id The identifier of the workspace definition yes

Nested Elements

To define a custom workspace layout, you can use one or more nested Directory Sets.

Example usage

The following example defines a workspace that contains projects that can be found in any sub-directory (recursively) of the directory 'D:/tmp':

  <ant4eclipse:workspaceDefinition id="myWorkspace">
    <dirset dir="D:/tmp">
      <include name="**"/>

You can use the workspace definition within the ant4eclipse task by using the 'workspaceId' attribute insead of the 'workspaceDirectory' attribute.