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Ant4Eclipse M3 released!

With some days delay, yesterday we released the third milestone of Ant4Eclipse. You can download the release from our Sourceforge Website at

Resolved and closed issues in this release:

ant4eclipse PDE:
ant4eclipse general:  
AE-187 fix the psf file offered on the web site
AE-188 ship ant4eclipse with ecj-3.5.2.jar instead of ecj-3.5.jar
AE-150 Try to generate java 1.4 compliant code
AE-129 Implementation is not compatible with all macro implementation schemes.
ant4eclipse platform:  
AE-181 Infinite loop caused by logging of task getBuildOrder
ant4eclipse JDT:  
AE-51 DynamicAttributes for class path container argument
AE-178 Rename 'jdtClassPathContainer' -> 'jdtClassPathLibrary'
AE-185 getJdtClassPath bails out when there are projects with an empty output directory
AE-175 Generate a default 'config.ini' for the product build.
AE-178 Target buildFeature doesn't create a feature (no error)
AE-180 Property 'buildPlugin.newBundleVersion' not set in buildPlugin / deploy callback
AE-186 Ignored export if exporter is substituted by an importer

Please feel free to add new bugs and feature request to our JIRA issue tracker at

Happy building ;-)